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Find out what precision cancer medicine can do for patients and the importance of getting molecular testing if you have cancer.

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Ignyta’s Rx/Dx approach, combining precision therapeutics and in-house molecular diagnostics, is designed to allow us to identify hard-to-find patients and treat their specific cancers.

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Find detailed investor information on Ignyta Inc., and learn how Ignyta is leading the way in precision medicine, writing a new story in the treatment and care of patients with cancer.

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A New Dawn in the Fight Against Molecularly Driven Cancers

In the past, people referred to “curing cancer” as an unrealistic goal, a euphemism for things that couldn’t be conceived or achieved. But treating cancer becomes less mysterious every day, and today Ignyta is writing a new story, identifying the genomic causes of cancer and creating targeted cancer drugs that attack cancer at its source. Ignyta’s combination of precision therapeutics (Rx) and molecular diagnostics (Dx) creates a powerful “Rx/Dx” approach that excels at identifying and targeting hard-to-treat cancers in hard-to-find patients.

More than just a cancer drug company, Ignyta is a leader in biotechnology and precision medicine for cancer, working with healthcare providers to change the way we think about cancer, creating targeted therapies for genomically caused cancers, and putting powerful tools in the hands of those who need it most – ultimately bringing hope – and a new future – to patients with cancer.

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Ignyta is currently enrolling patients in clinical trials, including the STARTRK-2 trial of entrectinib. Learn more about Ignyta’s advantage in identifying and enrolling patients in clinical trials, as well as study eligibility, enrollment information, clinical trial locations, and more.

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Vision & Values

At Ignyta we are committed to staying true to our core values, even as we grow and change. Those values, set in place in 2012, are just as true today as they were then. Our company Vision and Values guide our every action, and drive everything we do. Read our statement of purpose, and learn more about who we are, and what drives our tireless action on behalf of patients everywhere. Read about our vision & values

Ignyta’s precision medicine (Rx) pipeline represents the future of cancer treatment, giving healthcare providers new tools in the battle against molecularly defined cancers.

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We now know that cancer is not one disease, but many, and that it starts in the DNA. Learn more about how Ignyta is creating targeted medicines that attack cancer at its source.

Genomic Causes of Cancer

Meet the everyday trailblazers at Ignyta who are changing cancer care for good. Learn about how we work, and see if there’s a place for you to make a difference at Ignyta.

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Patient Stories

At Ignyta, we are humbled by the patients who choose to partner with us in these trials, and we present their stories as a tribute and a promise to keep working, keep fighting, until we reach our goals.

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