Treating Cancer, Differently

At Ignyta, we fight cancer – not just one opponent but, rather, hundreds of different molecularly defined diseases that take away millions of lives every year. Our goal is not just to shrink tumors, but to eradicate residual disease – the source of cancer relapse and recurrence – in precisely defined patient populations by 2030.

Our integrated “Rx/Dx” approach combines precision medicines (Rx) and in-house molecular diagnostics (Dx) for a distinct advantage in both identifying and targeting these hard-to-treat cancers in hard-to-find patients. We believe that Rx/Dx is what sets Ignyta apart in the journey toward a new future for cancer patients.

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Our Approach

From our founding in 2011, our goal at Ignyta has been to change lives by attacking the genomic causes of disease. Today, we focus exclusively on developing new precision therapeutics that fight the genomic causes of cancer.

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Ignyta’s People and Culture

Every day, we come to work at Ignyta with a singular goal – to eradicate residual disease in precisely defined patient populations by 2030. That’s an audacious goal, but it’s the prospect of seeing changed lives that keeps us working tirelessly toward our objective. At Ignyta, we keep first in our minds that cancer is not a nameless, faceless disease. It’s a disease that affects mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. And it’s individual people, working day and night, who will write the new story of how we fight cancer. Ignyta is not just a drug company – it’s people, working on behalf of people.

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