Vision & Values

What does “Blazing a New Future for Patients with Cancer” mean?

Our Vision Statement

“We are at a new and powerful moment in the fight against cancer. By shining a light on the genomic alterations responsible for cancer’s growth, we can now design innovative treatments specifically directed at the most relevant molecular targets and identify those patients who are most likely to benefit. Finally, cancer treatment has the potential to function the way we expect medicine to work: Smart. Targeted. Effective. Safe. Ignyta is on the leading edge of this research, offering hope where, for so long, there has been only fear.

At Ignyta, we work tirelessly on behalf of patients with cancer to offer potentially life-saving, precisely targeted therapeutics (Rx) guided by companion diagnostic (Dx) tests. Our integrated Rx/Dx strategy allows us to enter uncharted territory, illuminating the molecular drivers of cancer and quickly advancing treatments to address them. This approach embraces even those patients with the rarest cancers, who have the highest unmet need and who may otherwise not have access to effective treatment options. With our pipeline of potentially first-in-class and best-in-class precision medicines, we are pursuing the ultimate goal of not just shrinking tumors, but eradicating cancer relapse and recurrence in precisely defined patient populations.

Our Values

The Ignyta Vision and Values Icons - The Dawn

The Dawn

Our Higher Calling

As certain as the sun rises every day, there are foundational principles that guide Ignyta: focusing with constancy on what is best for patients, pursuing high-quality science and data to help guide our decision making, conducting ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty, valuing positive teamwork in everything we do, and abiding by the Golden Rule. At Ignyta, we embrace people’s desire to live out their faith or moral convictions that drive them to excellence in what they do.

The Ignyta Vision and Values Icons - The Spark

The Spark

Our Inspiration and Aspiration

We value bold action that generates tangible results. We look for high ingenuity, creativity, and energy in our people to do astonishing things. With such kinetics, we aspire to achieve greatness as a company.

The Ignyta Vision and Values Icons - The Beacon

The Beacon

Our Guiding Example

We desire to be a guiding biotechnology company in precision medicine – a leader who enlightens and sets a shining example for others. We seek to be a fun and energizing company that attracts the best and brightest people to come work with us, a partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies, and a recognized pioneer in precision medicine.

The Ignyta Vision and Values Icons - The Flame

The Flame

What Unites Us

We are passionate about working on superior products that improve patients’ lives, we are warmly loyal to each other and to those we work with (partners, collaborators) and for (patients, shareholders), and we are a company of self-starters seeking to be the best at what we do.

The Ignyta Vision and Values Icons - The Engine

The Engine

How We Work

We value ingenuity, hard work, and sustained persistence, translating into scientific breakthroughs and advancements in patient care. Like a well-oiled engine, we seek to communicate openly with each other in real time without barriers, invest in each other’s growth and development, remain adaptive to change without hesitation once the direction is set, be relentlessly data driven vs. ego driven, and pursue efficient productivity over busyness.

The Ignyta Vision and Values Icons - The Crucible

The Crucible

How We Overcome Adversity

We acknowledge that building a great company from scratch is difficult and that there are significant challenges along the way. The true test of character is the ability to meet adversity head on with grace, poise, and equanimity. We challenge the status quo; engage in healthy conflict; provide each other with timely, direct feedback; confront all facts and data – no matter how sobering; and use adversity to raise our game and emerge stronger.

The Ignyta Vision and Values Icons - The Forge

The Forge

Our Product Focus

We are relentlessly focused on products and making decisions based on sound scientific and business reasons. We seek to make healthcare advancements that benefit patients’ lives, not just to pursue interesting science for its own sake. At each stage, we ask ourselves whether our products will enable physicians and patients to make better informed decisions and a positive difference in patient care.