Ignyta Is Changing Cancer Care for Patients Everywhere

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating news, and finding and enrolling in clinical trials can be daunting. But Ignyta is writing a new story about how precision cancer medicines allow us to pinpoint and advance treatments to hard-to-find patients – even those with the rarest cancers – who may not have any other options. We’re helping all eligible patients gain access to an Ignyta clinical trial.

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We’re moving beyond a “one-size-fits-all” approach to cancer treatment, leading the way in advancing targeted therapies to the patients who need them the most. Read our Patient Guide to Precision Medicine and learn the importance of molecular testing if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

Patient Guide to Precision Medicine

Learn about Ignyta’s cancer clinical trials, and how Ignyta makes the clinical trials enrollment & navigation process easier for patients and caregivers. This Patient Guide to Cancer Clinical Trials includes information and options, including safety, efficacy, and links to study enrollment materials.

Patient guide to clinical trials

Visit the STARTRKtrials.com site for information about the STARTRK-2 trial of entrectinib, now enrolling patients at numerous study locations across the United States. Get a pre-evaluation for the trial, see study locations, and download a Doctor Discussion Guide to help you investigate your options.

Visit the STARTRKtrials.com Site

What Is Rx/Dx, and What Does It Mean to Patients?

While most companies rely on outside labs for their cancer testing (also called cancer diagnostics), Ignyta was actually founded as a molecular diagnostic company, committed to precision targeting of chronic disease. For cancer patients, the combination of precision medicines (Rx) and in-house diagnostics (Dx) means:

  • A seamless end-to-end process for finding, testing, and providing targeted investigational therapies to patients with certain hard-to-treat types of cancer
  • Less time and less red-tape from our first conversation to your first day in one of our clinical trials
  • Our drug candidates are designed to act rapidly. Most patients who have experienced tumor shrinkage on entrectinib have done so within the first four to eight weeks

For cancer patients it can mean the difference between weeks or months spent dealing with the side-effects of chemotherapy, and getting back to the activities and people they love—For more on the people whose lives have been changed by precision medicine, see our Patient Stories page.

Read Ignyta’s Patient Stories
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Patient Resources

For more information on cancer treatment for patients and caregivers, including a glossary of terms, patient advocacy organizations and other helpful links, visit Ignyta’s cancer patient resources page.

Patient Stories

At Ignyta, we are humbled by the patients who choose to partner with us in these trials, and we present their stories as a tribute and a promise to keep working, keep fighting, until we reach our goals. Read our patient stories.