Ignyta Is Your Precision Medicine Partner in Cancer Care

Over the past decade, researchers have uncovered a complex web of molecular causes and effects that underlie the hundreds of forms that cancer takes. Ignyta is your partner in this revolution; bringing streamlined diagnostic tools, paired with data-backed product candidates, our Rx/Dx approach is designed to match the right therapies with the right patients.

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Ignyta’s pipeline of molecularly targeted therapies including entrectinib, a selective tyrosine kinase inhibitor of the TrkA, TrkB, TrkC, ROS1, and ALK proteins. We believe these investigational precision medicines represent the future of cancer treatment, giving healthcare providers new tools in the battle against molecularly defined cancers.

Precision Medicine Pipeline

Ignyta is working to change cancer care with diagnostic capabilities that pinpoint hard-to-find patients – even with the rarest cancers – who may not have any other treatment options. Learn more about Ignyta’s molecular diagnostic testing suite, and the importance of molecular diagnostic testing for your patients.

Molecular Diagnostic Testing

Referring patients to clinical trials takes time and effort from both the provider and the patient. Ignyta’s Rx/Dx approach streamlines this process, maintaining ongoing care with the referring physician while quickly identifying and enrolling patients who stand to benefit most from precision medicine.

Clinical Trial Enrollment
The logo for Ignyta's STARTRK-2 clinical trial of entrectinib.

Ignyta is currently enrolling patients in clinical trials, including the STARTRK-2 trial of entrectinib. Learn more about Ignyta’s advantage in identifying and enrolling patients in clinical trials, as well as study eligibility, enrollment information, clinical trial locations, and more.

Visit the STARTRK-2 Website
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The Rx/Dx Advantage

Decoding the underlying causes of cancer is an evolving field, with much at stake from all sides. Learn more about Ignyta’s Rx/Dx Advantage and how we’re working with healthcare providers to change cancer treatment and care.

Ignyta Scientific Presentations

A database of Ignyta’s clinical, scientific, and technical data on precision therapeutic candidates and diagnostic tests. See Ignyta’s Scientific and Clinical Presentations.