Rx/Dx and Cancer Clinical Trial Enrollment

Referring patients to clinical trials can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Furthermore, even if that referral is successful, by entering a trial, the patient risks losing the personal care of the physician he or she has come to know and trust. At Ignyta, we’re working to streamline the referral and evaluation process, cutting the time from first contact to trial enrollment to reduce the burden on both patient and provider.

Our unique Rx/Dx ability and our heritage in molecular diagnostics allow us to more efficiently confirm results of local molecular patient screening for trial enrollment. Ignyta’s central diagnostics lab also handles testing for clinical sites to help pinpoint difficult-to-find eligible patients who would otherwise miss gaining access to our investigational therapies. Working with community oncologists, we can ensure the patient is cared for and that the doctor/patient relationship is preserved throughout the clinical trial process.

Both Patients and Providers Have Concerns About Trials

For some patients with cancers that have been resistant to treatment, clinical trials for therapies in development are not just an interesting option – they may be their only hope. This fact motivates Ignyta to keep both patient and provider concerns top-of-mind when structuring and conducting trials. Knowing that both patients and providers are acutely concerned about the availability of trials, Ignyta is continually building an ever-growing network of study sites to bring trials closer to patients across the US and around the globe.

Accessibility is one thing; enrollment is another. The trials testing and enrollment process can be challenging for both the patient and the provider. Our exclusive Rx/Dx capability, along with in-house molecular diagnostic (Dx) testing, keeps the entire process under one roof, providing the smoothest possible enrollment process and the best communication, with the least red tape.

We believe consistent attention to both patient and provider concerns results in the best experience and the best outcomes for both.

Leading Concerns About Clinical Trial Participation
For Patients:
  1. Location/Travel: “I’m too far away from any of the medical centers that do the trials.”
  2. Awareness: “Information about side effects,” “If they work or not.”
  3. Accessibility: “Getting access to them, or even learning about them…”
For Providers:
  1. Convenience: “Time to discuss, geographic location of the trial, and distance from patient”
  2. Location: “Travel and then follow-up if it cannot be done locally”
  3. Patient Eligibility: “Exclusion criteria: I don’t want to waste the patient’s and family’s time sending them to the institution to find out they don’t qualify.”
  4. Patient Retention: “Fear of losing the patient.”
Actual patient & provider verbatims. Source: Ignyta Commissioned Study – 3/2016

Current Ignyta Clinical Trials

Upcoming/Future Clinical Trials

  • Please stay tuned for Ignyta’s future clinical trials, and watch our News page for more information

For additional information about Ignyta clinical trials, please visit www.clinicaltrials.gov. Interested patients and physicians can also contact Ignyta’s client services division directly at 1-844-STARTRK (782-7875), Monday-Friday from 8am to 8pm PST.

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