The Rx/Dx Advantage: Putting Precision Medicine to Work for Your Patients

The rapid pace of cancer research regularly uncovers new oncogenic drivers, and even when a reliable molecular test exists, positive results are meaningful only when there is a corresponding therapeutic intervention. This is where Ignyta is different: our Rx/Dx platform provides a seamless match between drug candidates and CLIA-certified (and CAP, HIPAA, and QSR compliant) diagnostic tests to generate clear, actionable results for your patients.

But just how does Ignyta’s Rx/Dx approach translate to better patient care and outcomes?

Ignyta’s Rx Capability and Our Precision Medicine Pipeline

By illuminating the exact molecular alterations that are driving patients’ individual cancers, we can match patients with molecularly targeted treatments specifically aimed at stopping their disease in its tracks.

Ignyta’s R&D team has a proven record of developing drugs that work in disease models and in real life. Here’s a snapshot of current Phase I and Phase II data for our flagship drug candidate, entrectinib:

  • The Phase I clinical trial database contains the largest patient safety experience of any Trk inhibitor in clinical development, consisting of a total of 119 patients with a range of solid tumor types, which showed entrectinib appeared to be well tolerated, with no responding patients discontinuing the study due to adverse events and no evidence to date of cumulative toxicity or of renal, hepatic, or QTc toxicity.
  • Phase I data with entrectinib demonstrated confirmed responses in 4 of 4 patients with NTRK+ extracranial solid tumors; Phase II data showed a 75% (24/32) confirmed response rate in patients with ROS1+ NSCLC; this clinical activity included both complete and durable responses in patients with CNS disease.
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Our History in Dx Means Faster, More Actionable Results

Ignyta was launched as a molecular diagnostic company focused on precision targeting of chronic disease.

Our grounding in Dx means that we are rare among cancer drug companies, with in-house molecular diagnostic testing to ensure end-to-end personal handling of patient testing and screening, to supplement local or outside testing, and a dedicated interest in processes that identify those hard-to-find patients for whom Ignyta’s investigational therapies can do the most good.

From receipt of a testing sample, turnaround time is no more than two weeks before the ordering physician receives a clear, unbiased report that will inform therapeutic decision making.

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Gene Fusion and Cancer Formation

Gene fusions and cancer formation. How DNA damage can lead to the formation of cancerous tumors. Gene fusions and cancer formation: The role fusion protiens play in the formation of some cancers. Gene fusions and cancer formation: Normal protien activity and cellular proliferation response Gene fusions and cancer formation: Fusion protein activity and excessive cellular proliferation response Gene fusions and cancer formation: precision medicines block aberrant cell signaling, and selectively destroy cancer cells.

The Rx/Dx Advantage for Providers

When combined, these capabilities form a seamless end-to-end process that eliminates much of the back-and-forth between standard third-party diagnostic service providers and other entities that offer therapeutic options.

Here are just a few of the ways in which Ignyta’s Rx/Dx approach helps providers achieve better results for their patients:

  • Primary criteria to be considered by ordering physician are simplified to diagnosis and disease stage
  • Ignyta is rare among cancer drug companies, with an in-house CLIA-certified diagnostic lab which is fully CAP, HIPAA, and QSR compliant
  • Results can be used to help determine eligibility for Ignyta’s active clinical trials, significantly speeding up the enrollment process
  • Our Oncolome™ database applies proprietary technology to identify novel oncogenes and rearrangements for further investigation as future drug targets

At Ignyta, we aren’t just a therapeutics company – we are cancer therapeutics and diagnostics experts, and we’re here to facilitate these important aspects of patient care.

Ignyta's Rx/Dx method gives clarity, speed, and simplicity, and entrectinib has shown a 79% response rate in Phase 1 trial.
Ignyta's Rx/Dx method gives clarity, speed, and simplicity, and entrectinib has shown a 79% response rate in Phase 1 trial.

Ignyta’s Pipeline

We believe Ignyta’s pipeline of molecularly targeted therapies represents the future of cancer treatment, giving healthcare providers new tools in the battle against molecularly defined cancers.

Ignyta Scientific Presentations

A database of Ignyta’s clinical, scientific, and technical data on precision therapeutic candidates and diagnostic tests. See Ignyta’s Scientific and Clinical Presentations.